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AR 15 Lower Disassembly Video


Our AR 15 Lower Disassembly Video will show you how to disassemble your AR 15 lower down to its individual components. Watch our AR 15 Lower Reassembly Video to learn how to put it back together again.

This video features an AR 15 Rifle, however the same procedures will work with an AR 10 with the exception of the bolt bolt which is a screw on an AR 10 where it is a roll pin on an AR 15.

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Video index:

Checking for an unloaded firearm – 0:35

Removing upper receiver – 2:10

Removing the buffer and buffer spring- 3:17

Removing the magazine catch – 3:52

Removing the Pistol Grip and Selector – 4:45

Removing the hammer and trigger – 6:26

Removing the front takedown pin – 8:54

Removing  a collapsible stock and buffer tube – 10:11

Removing an A2 stock and buffer tube – 11:52

Removing the rear takedown pin – 13:44

Disassembling the collapsible stock – 14:22

Removing the trigger guard – 15:23

Removing the bolt catch – 16:39

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