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Anti-Concealment and Anti-Suppressor Act of 2019

To keep un-necessary firearm confiscations from happening in the United States, we would like to announce the Anti-Concealment and Anti-Suppressor Act of 2019, further referred to as the ACAS (Pronounced ACK ASS) of 2019. We believe that the ACAS will eliminate the need for un-necessary concealed carry permits and promote the open carry of guns while protecting public safety. 

ACAS will legalize (Federally) open Carry in all states, territories, and districts within the United States. The ACAS will supersede all state and local ordinances and laws to eliminate any translation or misunderstanding by laying out the law in clear English. 

ACAS recognizes that since suppressors virtually eliminate all sound coming from firearms to the point that you can carry on a conversation in a whisper tone of voice to a person 3 feet away, they will be banned. A public that can hear the sound of a firearm will be able to ascertain the direction of the shooting quickly and will be able to run for cover easier. Since we understand that noise pollution is in the best interest of the public, the ACAS will also eliminate all mufflers from vehicles and motorcycles to protect bystanders and pedestrians in case there is a drive-by shooting so that they are better aware of a vehicle coming and will not be surprised. Unfortunately, this will mean that electric and hybrid vehicles will need to be equipped with a sound louding device that will make at least 200 decibels of noise. 

The ACAS will deal with three common areas of contention by both Anti-gun and Pro-gun rights activists. 


ACAS will address concealment by setting minimum and maximum barrel length.

    1. The minimum Barrel length of all firearms will be 10 inches, while maximum barrel length will be 14 inches (more about maximum barrel length will be addressed in both Sound Loudening and Ammunition).
    2. A bayonet of at least 4 inches must be predominately attached by a method of welding to keep the firearm from being holstered. 
    3. Folding stocks are required for all AR-type of firearms as they disable the ability to fire the firearm in the folded position.
    4. A standard capacity magazine of at least 30 rounds (some people refer to this as a high capacity magazine) is required for all firearms. 
      1. This capacity magazine is required, so that concealment of the firearm is harder to achieve
      2. Composite materials are not allowed in the construction of the magazine as they can reduce the weight of the firearm of up to 50%.
      3. The only time that this capacity magazine is allowed to be removed from the firearm is during reloading.
        1. Reloading must be completed within 5 seconds, so it is recommended that you either carry extra magazines or you “jungle style” attach a spare magazine to your primary.

Sound Loudening:

ACAS will address the public safety issue by setting minimum standards of how loud a firearm must be.

    1. All firearms must be equipped with a muzzle break device that directs gas at a 25-degree angle.
      1. This will allow the shooter to not only maintain control of the firearm but also, will direct the concussive force back towards the shooter essentially giving them a headache and will avoid mass shootings as the shooter will only be able to stand the force of the blast for so many shots. 
      2. Muzzle brakes will aid in the addition of noise.
    2. All firearms must produce a sufficient amount of noise pollution to make a sound of at least 200 decibels of noise at 5 feet.
      1. Ammunition will need to be loaded at the maximum velocity to generate enough noise. 
      2. A barrel length being limited to a maximum of 14 inches will aid in the sound loudening. 


ACAS will address ammunition for the best of public safety.

    1. Ammunition must be loaded to achieve the maximum fireball possible.
      1. No device that will aid in the hiding of the flash will be legal.
      2. This will aid in the night time acquisition of a threat and allow for bystanders to move in a different direction should there be a public shooting
      3. This will eliminate shooting from a building since the fireball will set the structure ablaze. 
      4. With the muzzle brake being at 25 degrees and the barrel being a maximum of 14 inches the effects of a shielded hand-guard will be null and void since not only will the noise be redirected towards the shooter but the fireball flash will burn any shooters hand that will be placed forward of the chamber.
        1. No device to shield hands will be legal. This includes fireproof gloves. 

For those that cannot afford to make the necessary upgrade to their firearms, federal grants will be available to help. 

We believe our suppressor act (ACAS) will reduce firearm violence while setting standards that all parties can agree upon. 

Please contact your representative in Congress to tell them to support our suppressor act ACAS today! 

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