Affordable US-made AR15 upgrades

Affordable US-Made AR15 Upgrades From Bowden Tactical

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Affordable US-Made AR15 Upgrades From Bowden Tactical

Most of the time I find that “affordable” AR15 upgrade parts are made overseas. But what about affordable US-Made AR15 upgrades? It looks like Bowden Tactical has you covered there. For about $350 shipped, you can upgrade a boring AR15.

I removed the front sight tower from my AR15 and free-floated it with a Bowden Tactical Cornerstone Series handguard, low profile gas block and angled foregrip. And for fun, I put in a Parametric trigger to wrap up this Affordable US-Made AR15 Upgrades project. 

Watch Easy AR accuracy upgrades // Free Float AR 15 Barrel with Bowden Tactical

Bowden Tactical is actually an aerospace company that happens to make gun parts as well. And what you see on the website at Bowden… is only a portion of what they make. They make gun parts for the DOD. So realize that this is not your run-of-the-mill AR parts company. 

These affordable US-Made AR15 upgrades are made in Ohio at a state-of-the-art plant. No garage or workshop machine shop here. Bowden also makes parts for gun companies and not just the aftermarket. 

Because of the volume of all of their business lines, they can deliver a quality product at an affordable cost. And if you are into something special, they can design that for you. 

When upgrading your AR, keep it in the US and check out Bowden Tactical’s offerings. 

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