The Reckoning Holster
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Adventures with The Reckoning

In November 2018, I received an email from CrossBreed Holsters talking about their new holster called The Reckoning and how it is going to be their biggest launch since the MiniTuck. This email asked if I needed more information or wanted a sample to write about.

This article is about the holster I received and my first experiences and impressions. 


Before I go any further, I want you to understand that this is an unbiased article. This holster was sent to me for free by an Affiliate that I have a relationship with.  

I do not advocate bypassing (breaking) federal, state or local laws or ordinances.

CrossBreed holsters is an affiliate and all links and banners for them can generate money to help keep this site running. 

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The Reckoning – The back story

I received an email from CrossBreed Holsters the morning of November 13th, 2018 talking about their new holster called The Reckoning. In the email, there was a section about requesting a sample for evaluation and the first thing that went through my mind was how could I turn down a new holster? I promptly responded and had a P320 holster sent since that is my everyday carry pistol. 

FedEx Delivered the new holster on Monday the 19th and this is where the adventure begins. 


The Reckoning packagingWhen I opened up the FedEx package I found that the holster was configured for inside the waistband (IWB). Being a big guy, I am not a fan of IWB holsters, however, included with the holster was a pair of outside the waistband (OWB) clips which makes this holster versatile for the purchaser. Later I found that the OWB clips will not be included with the holster when The Reckoning is available to purchase and will be an additional cost.

The Reckoning – The holster

Out of the box (or bag in this case), the holster held my P320 perfectly. However, there are plenty of adjustments that can be made including adding tension to the trigger guard to get a slightly tighter or looser draw. 

While I was examining the holster, I immediately focused on the trigger guard tension device on the side. I inserted my unloaded P320 and cranked the screw clockwise until I couldn’t remove my pistol. Then I backed it off until I got the draw that I liked. This is a big change for an everyday carry holster for me and typically something that I only see in a competition holster. The Reckoning trigger tension


After playing around with the trigger guard tension I decided to move forward with converting it from ITB to OTB. It was a simple process that started with removing the two screws that held the clips on the front of the holster and replacing them with two shorter screws from the parts bag. Then I removed the screw posts from the back of the trigger guard tension device and placed them into the back of the OWB clip marked R and mounted the clip on the rear of the holster. Then completed the same procedure on the other side of the holster. However, this side had 4 screws instead of two. 

This left me with a decision on which two adjacent screws to remove to mount the other clip. This is where I found that you can make an adjustment to the cant of the holster. To move the cant of the holster to the rear, you will mount the clip lower which makes cross-draw on this holster possible. I show this in our video called The Reckoning by CrossBreed Holsters. I decided to use the top two screws for my carry as it gave me a slight forward cant which is easier for me to draw my pistol. 

Possible future enhancements

CrossBreed is in the early stages of the development of a synthetic backer that is breathable and padded for comfort. Unfortunately, there is no additional information on this new backer for The Reckoning at this time. However, The Reckoning is currently available in 3 leather choices (my sample came in black cowhide).

Also, the development of an attachable style magazine carrier is also in the works. At the time of writing, it looks like it also will be convertible between IWB and OWB and can be attached to the holster. However, no sample was submitted for review.  

My thoughts

After I configured my holster it was time to start using it. When I put it on, the holster fits tightly on my belt and almost became one with me. Drawing my pistol was natural and I knew that if the feel was off I could adjust it several different ways. This holster gives me control over the tension on the trigger guard, retention of the pistol in the holster and adjusting the cant.

Being a concealed carry permit holder, I am going to wear this out in public. My first trip out was to my favorite anti-gun coffee establishment. I arrived, receivedEditing some video on my laptop my order, sat down and started editing some gun videos while I was waiting for a buddy of mine to join me.

I don’t think anyone even knew I was carrying my pistol, or at least didn’t care. Also, I was comfortable sitting there catching up with my buddy. The holster didn’t dig into my side and the gun wasn’t printing through my sweater. Quite frankly, my leather holster would have driven me nuts by now. As stiff as my regular holster was, it would still move away from me and the heal of the grip would eventually print through my clothes. This was not the case with The Reckoning. 

When I wrote this article, the model of pistols that The Reckoning is available for is somewhat limited. However, CrossBreed does have plans on expanding the line in the near future. Also, the holster is currently on sale for a reasonable $55 with a full retail price of about $65 which is about the price you will pay for a quality leather holster. 

The Bad

The only minus that I can come up with is this holster is marketed as an IWB holster. It is convertible to OWB for an additional $10. In my searches, I have seen these clips as low as $8.50 and as high as $14.99. Even with an added $10 to the price, you will get a lot of value for your money. 

I feel that CrossBreed should allow the purchaser to decide if they want IWB or OWB. Their marketing assumes how most people would want to wear it. Or, offer both sets of clips with the holster even if the price is slightly higher. 

I have been using The Reckoning for 5 days now and it has officially replaced my other holster for my everyday carry.  

If you would like to see a video on the opening of the package we got or how to convert the holster, visit our article called The Reckoning by CrossBreed Holsters


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