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Adventures with the Delta Kwik

In January 2019, I requested a Delta Kwik for testing and evaluation.

This article is about the product I received and my first impressions. 

I am going to break this review into seven sections. The first talks about how I found the product while the second talks a little about the product. The following four sections will be scored individually which will be averaged together to give a composite score and deliver a recommendation rating. The final section is the wrap-up section where I will give my final thoughts and recommendation. 

The scoring areas that I use are: ease of use and convenience, effectiveness, quality and durability and finally price. The rating system will be a 1 to 5 score where 1 is poor, 2 is below average, 3 is average, 4 is above average and 5 is excellent. In the closing of the article, I will give the composite score. A product must rate at least a 3.0 to get a “Recommended”. A rating of 4.0 will get a “Highly Recommend” while a 5.0 gets a “Must Buy”.


Before I go any further, I want you to understand that this is an unbiased article. I do not have an affiliate relationship with Delta Kwik and have not been compensated for this article other than receiving the product for free to test and evaluate. 

I do not advocate bypassing (breaking) federal, state or local laws or ordinances.

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The back story

I found Delta Kwik by a random post that I saw online. The product intrigued me which lead me to search further for them. That is when I found their website and watched a couple of videos of their product. 

The product

The Delta Kwik is a US-made product that allows the rapid removal of the AR15 handguards that use the typical slip ring (sometimes called delta ring). Delta Kwik will be joining the 2019 Shot Show and can be visited at booth 966.

Ease of use and convenience

The Delta Kwik is an extremely easy tool to use and does free up a hand that is typically used to hold back the slip ring on traditional tools.

The Delta Kwik has 6 simple steps in its directions.

1) Insert the Delta Kwik tool into the magazine well

2) Turn the handle all the way to the left until it stops

3) Remove the handguard

4) Perform maintenance with the Delta Kwik still on the gun or it may be removed

5) Put the handguard back in place

6) Turn the Delta Kwik handle all the way to the right. Press the magazine release and remove the tool 

I feel that the use of the tool is fairly straight forward, and feel that it is extremely easy and convenient. Therefore, I give the Delta Kwik a score of 5 in the ease of use and convenience category.


The Delta Kwik quickly allows you to remove handguards on an AR15. However, the traditional tools available also do the same. Where the Delta Kwik shines is the fact that it frees up a hand to work on the rifle. Also, being a person with hands that tire quickly, the tool aids in ergonomics which allows me to continue to work longer. 

handguard removal tool

One annoyance that I have with my existing metal handguard tool is that it leaves marks on the slip ring. To solve this problem, I put fuel lines on the handle. Since the Delta Kwik is plastic, I no longer have this problem. 

Delta Kwik Handguard Removal tool

I feel that the Delta Kwik is extremely effective in doing its job while giving an additional hand to work with the rifle. The added hand plus the less fatigue on my hands lead me to give the Delta Kwik a score of 5 in the effectiveness category.

Quality and durability

Even though the Delta Kwik is a plastic tool, it is heavier than I had expected and definitely gives me the feeling that the tool is up to the task. When using the Delta Kwik, I did not see the tool flex or bend and I have no doubt that it will last a long time. 

In the video review that I completed, you will see that I did have some trouble getting the tool off of my rifle. To get the tool off of my rifle, I lightly hit the side and have done this numerous times; several times letting the tool hit the concrete floor. Not that I recommend that you routinely let your tools freefall to a hard surface, but the Delta Kwik seemed unfazed by my minor abuse. I do not feel that the tightness is a design problem but feel that the tool is a little too tight when you first get. After several uses, mine is getting easier to remove from the rifle while not showing any signs of failure to do its job. 

Therefore, I give the Delta Kwik a score of 4.75 in the quality and durability category taking a quarter of a point off for the tight fit.


Talking to Delta Kwik, it looks like the product is going to come in at a $99 MSRP. My opinion is the price is high when you can purchase a traditional handguard removal tool for about $20 that will do AR15s and AR10s; while the Delta Kwik only does AR15s. 

However, with the Delta Kwik being such a new design it does demand a slightly higher price. But being a single-use tool, I do think it is slightly higher priced than it needs to be. Therefore I give the Delta Kwik a score of 2 in the price category. 


In the video review, I recommend the Delta Kwik because of its ease of use, ability to free a hand up and aiding in ergonomics. However, I stated that I wish that it could also be used on an AR10, as well as, being used as a vice block. I think that if the tool could do more it would warrant a higher price tag. 

I still stand by my recommendation and love the product but I hope that the price of $99 comes down considerably. 

Even with the high price, the composite score of the Delta Kwik comes in at a 4.2 (after rounding) earning a highly recommended rating.