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3D Print Dillon Primer Tube Holders

3D Print Dillon Primer Tube Holders



In this video we 3D print Dillon primer tube holders to help keep my reloading bench organized. During a reloading session, I can load several hundred to a thousand rounds. For this fact, I run a progressive reloader like my Dillon 650. Since I am a fairly lazy reloader, I have a case feeder that keeps my reloading session running. However, going through this many rounds means that I need to keep my primer system full. 

Dillon Primer Tube Holders – Keeping primers handy

Dillon primer tubes hold 100 primers. Before a loading session, I load several primer tubes so that I can keep running smoothly. My problem is that I have several items on my loading bench that can get in the way of grabbing the next primer tube.

Having a 3D printer, I figured that I can simply create a fix. But before I went that far, I decided to see if someone else has solved this problem already. In fact, two people have come up with different solutions. After looking at each, it became clear that a combination of both solutions would solve my problem. 

Both solutions are available on Thingiverse. I use the solution from functionaldiyer to hold my loaded primer tubes on the cross brace of my loader while I use the solution from eBoB to hold my empty primer tubes after I have loaded my primer system. 

Dillon Primer Tube Holders – Parts and equipment

Most people think that 3D printers are expensive. There are several printers on the market, but for the home market, there are several choices that can fit just about any budget. I paid about $220 for my printer and about $23 for my filament (plastic) to make the print.

Here is my setup for this 3D print

Ender 3 3D printer


eBob 3D slicer settings

Resolution = .12mm

Infill = 30%

Nozzle Temperature = 205

Bed Temperature = 50

Supports = None

functionaldiyer slicer settings

Scale = 1000%

Resolution = .2mm

Infill = 20%

Nozzle Temperature = 205

Bed Temperature = 50

Supports = None

Optional equipment in my 3D printer setup

Raspberry Pi 3 B+ – To run Octoprint and Octolapse for making video

32 GB Storage card – Storage for the Raspberry Pi

AUSDOM HD Webcam – For time-lapse videos

Tools used in the video

Metric tap set – to add threads to eBoB’s solution

Screwdriver – For securing the eBoB solution to my shell feeder


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