1911 Slide to Frame fitting

1911 slide to frame fitting calculator

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1911 slide to frame fitting calculator

We are still working on this calculator and it is beta. Therefore you may encounter problems or incorrect data.  If you encounter incorrect data please contact us with the information. 

When building a 1911 pistol, the frame rails are typically oversized so that you can get the exact fit that you are looking for.

If you are building from an 80% 1911 frame, make sure that your frame is decked before using our 1911 slide to frame fitting calculator. 

To use our calculator, measure your frame in the places indicated in the first column of pictures. Then place the measurements in their appropriate blue box in the calculator. Use the tab key on your keyboard to move between fields and make sure you hit the tab key after your last measurement. 

If your frame measurements are within spec, the box will turn green. If you need to cut more, the box will turn yellow. However, if the measurement is beyond spec (too much has been taken off) the box will turn to red. If your frame rail measurements are in the red, you are below spec and your frame may be unsafe. 

After your frame measurements are entered, the Slide measurements will populate to tell you what the measurement will be for a Competition, Carry or Commercial fit should be. 

Then Measure your slide in the places indicated in the second picture and place them in their respective blue boxes in the calculator. Use your tab key on your keyboard to move between fields. 

After you have tabbed through all of the fields the Competition, Carry and Commercial fields will change to either a positive or negative number. If the number is 0 then you have achieved that goal. If the number is above 0 (positive) that is how much you need to remove from that area of the slide. If the number is in the negative, too much material has been removed from the slide. 

1911 Slide to Frame fitting calculator

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