1911 barrel hood fitting
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1911 barrel hood fitting calculator

This Calculator is a work in progress and is not complete as of yet. 

When building a custom pistol, one of the most important actions to do for accuracy is fitting the barrel to the slide. Our 1911 barrel hood fitting calculator will help you achieve a tight-fitting barrel.

This calculator is based on the work from Weigand Combat Handguns’ 1911 barrel fitting hood worksheet

To use this calculator, Measure the width of the Breach Face (measurement A in the first picture) and enter that measurement into red box in the calculator. Now measure the Control Dimension (From the left side of the breach face to the right side of the barrel hood or known as Side 1 in the second picture) and place that picture in the blue box. The Calculator will tell you how much to remove from Side 1. 

After removing the material from Side 1, measure the Barrel Hood Width (measurement C in the second picture) and the calculator will tell you how much to remove from Side 2. 

This should give you a tight fit and you may have to take an extra stroke or two off each side to get a final fitting. 





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